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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You Can't Spend What You Don't Have

It’s been over a month since the beginning of the fiscal year and California still doesn’t have a budget. As the prospect for passing a sensible budget before the end of the year continues to vanish, Sacramento Democrats refuse to include the pension reform that this state so desperately needs. If you aren’t rankled by bloated bureaucratic salaries and state pensions large enough to rival that of the NFL’s compensation packages, then I guess we all should turn our heads the other way and continue to accept the unacceptable.

California can’t afford the reckless spending that has plagued our economy for decades, and this time the unions will have to give. Working families can’t afford the suggested tax increases, and borrowing more money when California’s credit rating is already in the tank, doesn’t make much sense either. Why can’t the Democrat controlled legislature understand that its citizenry has already been taxed to the point of exhaustion? Apparently it must not matter to them. They just don't get that you can’t spend what you don’t have.

The union grip over the capitol is greater than I had imagined – union cronies will stop at nothing to prove you wrong and attempt to squeeze blood out of a turnip by refusing to compromise. I’m not sure I understand how anyone can be exempt from tightening their belts. Most sensible Californian’s have already made the necessary adjustments to their spending habits, but I fear that this is just the quiet before the storm – eventually, no matter how much you prepare, the next round of taxes increases will push you and other hard working tax-paying families to the brink of extinction.

The union stall on the budget process reminds me of this scene from the movie Click, where Adam Sandler tries to convince David Hasslehoff to give him a raise, because he “spent money [he doesn’t] have.”

Coming up with a sensible budget is no easy task (it should be but unions are involved)but not having a budget this late is outrageous. The common sense solution that most Californians are looking for is simple -- pension reform. I for one am tired of the Democrat knee-jerk reaction to tax and spend. We deserve better than that.

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