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Friday, April 20, 2007

Democrats: PLEASE spend more time doing things like this

It's fun watching the Democrats spin their wheels on things that have absolutely nothing to do with winning elections. Actually, I prefer they spend their time this way while we build a stronger campaign organization. "YOU go argue over resolutions, WE will go win elections."

This morning the North County Times (San Diego) writes about how the county Democrat Party has "formally" opposed the private secrurity company Blackwater USA building a training facility in the county.

Whoa, stop the presses.

First, the county Board of Supervisors has exactly zero Democrats on it (thank you, Republican volunteers). Second, unless someone passed some secret legislation giving the county Democrat Party jurisdiction in land use decisions, I'm not sure what qualifies these guys to weigh in on anything related to policy.

Finally, on the merits of the issue: Blackwater is a worldwide security company that, among other things, is helping to protect Americans in Iraq. I know this first hand because when I was in Baghdad I had a Blackwater team looking out for me, and they were top notch: extremely diligent, professional, and performing incredibly important work under difficult circumstances.

Six years ago, our county Republican Party would spend a great deal of time passing useless resolutions on obscure issues too. The impact of course is to lose institutional focus and divert resources (including attention) away from the party's role as a campaign organization. The result was losing elections we should have won.

To this end, I'm pleased to see the Democrats engaged in this kind of debating society exercise, and one that will have not one scintilla of impact on the next election. This is an excellent use of their time.

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