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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Democrats Abandon Their Base: Score One for President Bush

Score one for President Bush.

Democrats in Congress are about to hand the President (and the troops needing support) a major victory -- a supplemental funding bill to support the troops without the much-ballyhooed "timetable for defeat" the radical anti-war left has been demanding.

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, et al tried pandering to their friends on the (very, very) far left by adding all kinds of conditions to the war funding -- you have to leave by this date, at this time, walking on one foot, on a Tuesday, etc.

Americans want to see victory in Iraq and a correlating withdrawal of forces, but they also don't want to see our troops in the field abandoned either. As a result, the Democrats are about to pass out a bill providing the President with much of what he asked for to support the troops, and no artificial timeline for defeat.

Boy, the anti-war bunch is not happy with Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid. One liberal group calls the new supplemental bill "a blank check" while threatening to recruit primary opponents for Democrats who vote for it.

Good luck with that last one, guys. The last time they tried that trick, they got Joe Lieberman elected as an Independent, overwhelmingly defeating the radical anti-war Democrat candidate in liberal Connecticut last November.

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