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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Thoughts on the Tahoe Fires

When I see what's happening in the Tahoe area with the current fires, I can't help but remember what it was like being in a similar situation nearly four years ago when my part of San Diego County burned to the ground in the Cedar Fire, including my own neighborhood.

Although we're constantly reminded that we're now dealing with year-round fire season in California, that warning does not mitigate the feeling that hits you when you see that orange glow over the hills at night, or a plume of smoke blocking out the sun midday as a wildfire sweeps through the community.

Califorina adopted new regulations for brush clearance following the Cedar Fire, with 100 ft of "defensible space" around homes now mandatory throughout the state. The rules are "performance based," not presciptive, meaning compliance with the rules is measured by the effect on protecting the building, rather than strict compliance with a long, micromanaging checklist.

While we pray for and support those who are victims of the latest fires, as well as those fighting them, let's also take this opportunity to be sure to take a look around our homes to be sure we've done what we can to protect them. Learn more here.

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