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Friday, September 28, 2007

The New Democrat Majority: Same Liberals As Ever

In case anyone needs a reminder as to how far off the liberal deep end the Nancy Pelosi Congress is going, here are a few votes the Democrats have taken since they took control of the House.

January 5. The Democrats vote 232-0 to strip the two-thirds margin for a
tax increase out of the House rules. (Roll Call #10)

January 10. The Democrats vote 233-0 against coupling their minimum
wage hike with association health plans and small business tax relief. (Roll Call #17)

January 12. The Democrats vote 231-0 to impose price controls on
Medicare prescription drugs, which even their own CBO said would lead to rationing. (Roll Call #23)

January 18. The Democrats vote 228-4 to raise income taxes (on energy)
for the first time since 1993. (Roll Call #40)

March 1. The Democrats vote 228-2 to strip workers of their right to a
federally-supervised, private ballot election when deciding on union membership. (Roll Call #118)

May 17. The Democrats vote 214-13 to pass a budget resolution which
calls for hundreds of billions of dollars in new spending, paid for by letting the Bush tax
cuts expire. (Roll Call #377)

July 17. Democrats vote 221-8 to gut the Department of Labor's Office of Labor Management Standards, the federal watchdog for corruption in labor unions. (Roll Call #642)

July 27. For the second time this year, Democrats vote to raise income
taxes. This tax increase on companies creating jobs in the U.S. was
agreed to 212-14 by Democrats. (Roll Call #756)

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