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Friday, December 7, 2007

McNerney Again Fails Californians: Sets Stage for Tax Hike

Continuing on the path to being a one-term Congressman, Democrat Jerry McNerney again voted against the interests of Californians by opposing bringing legislation to the House floor that would help Californians avoid a big tax increase. (House roll call vote 1136)

The Alternative Minimum Tax is a deeply flawed tax that was originally intended to ensure some high income taxpayers pay their "fair share" of the national tax burden. Yet, as with many other taxes, when Congress enacted the AMT, they did not concurrently repeal the law of unintended consequences. As a result, many middle class families -- especially in California -- are now being hit with the AMT, and if Jerry McNerney and Nancy Pelosi have their way, they're about to be hit with a big tax increase.

As the Wall Street Journal reported, failing to "patch" the AMT will have steep and serious consequences, affecting over 50 million American taxpayers:

"As we look at the upcoming 2007 filing season, the potential exists for us to see a problem of greater magnitude than anything we have faced in the past," said Linda Stiff, the IRS's acting commissioner. In a recent speech, she warned that the processing of as many as 50 million returns would be delayed. About four million people had higher tax bills for 2006 because of the AMT. That number would jump to about 25 million people for the 2007 tax year if Congress doesn't pass a relief bill. (Wall Street Journal, 11/14/07)

If the Democrats fail to patch the AMT, many families will be unnecessarily strapped with heavily burdening tax increases:

It is set to hit people who make as little as $50,000 a year. Those 21 million will be socked by $50.6 billion in taxes next year. (Charleston Daily Mail Editorial, 11/13/07)

The tax-hiking record of Jerry McNerney stands in stark contrast to the tax-fighting record of Republican Dean Andal, who has spent decades fighting taxes in the state legislature, on the state Board of Equalization, and in other key roles.

For the record, on this vote to fix the AMT, not a single Republican voted in opposition. Six Democrats broke ranks and opposed the Pelosi/McNerney position.

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