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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Newt on CRP and the New Platform

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich this week praised the CRP for its new platform highlighting Republican principles and issues that are supported not only by Republicans, but by a majority of Democrats and independents as well. American Solutions, Gingrich's group, has performed extensive issue and public opinion research that has been shared with state parties across the country.

Here's the excerpt from Newt's newsletter:

March 4, 2008

The Doers, Not the Talkers: The Real Change Movement Surges Ahead of Campaign '08

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The California GOP Adopts Key Provisions of the Platform of the American People

The next group of real change agents I want to tell you about is the California Republican Party.

I've talked to you in the past about the Platform of the American People, an agenda of solutions for America's challenges that have the majority support of Republicans, Democrats and independents.

Last week was a very successful week for the Platform. At their convention last month, the California Republican Party adopted key parts of the Platform of the American People into their state party platform.

On Energy and the Environment and Promoting and Protecting English, California Republicans Embrace 'Tripartisan' Solutions

You can read the Platform of the American People here and compare it to the language adopted by the California GOP.

Energy and the Environment: The California Republicans embraced the Platform's belief that "entrepreneurs using technology, innovation and incentives are more likely to solve environmental problems than are bureaucrats."

Oil and National Security: The California GOP platform adopted the Platform of the American People's recognition that "our current dependence on foreign oil threatens both our national security and economic prosperity by making us vulnerable to the will of dangerous foreign dictators. Through private initiative and enterprise, we support the development of energy independent from foreign sources."

Promoting and Protecting English: The California platform also took up the Platform of the American's People's call for English as the official language of government and the need for new immigrants to be offered intensive English language instruction.

Supporting an Optional One-Page Flat Tax: The California GOP embraced tax simplification by supporting "the adoption of an optional single-rate system to give taxpayers the convenience of filing their taxes with a one-page form."

The Platform of the American People is not just catching on in California.

In Pennsylvania, Congressman Tim Murphy (R.) has pledged to help incorporate various planks of the Platform into his state party platform.

And Michigan GOP Chairman Saul Anuzis says simply, "The Platform clearly reflects the values across America that we all share."

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