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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Latest Liberal Idea: World Car Free Day

You may not have noticed, but September 22nd is World Car Free Day. Time to put the aside the keys and embrace "sustainable, public" transportation.

I’ve never quite figured out why some liberals detest the automobile so much. Maybe it’s because it allows us to get around without having to pay some unionized bus or train driver to take us there, or perhaps it’s because they allow people the freedom to live where they wish, even if it’s outside of the range of inner city political machines.

So, getting back to this car free day, our friends at the Competitive Enterprise Institute are pointing out the silliness of this latest stunt by the anti-car crowd.

"Many people may love a car-free lifestyle, but for most people it would be pure misery. The handicapped, the elderly, parents carrying kids and groceries, suburban residents getting to work, rural residents running their lives - all depend on cars," said Sam Kazman, General Counsel at CEI. "The car free lifestyle itself requires other motorized vehicles, which deliver everything from organic flour to ingredients for lattes."

CEI recommends that those interested in seeing what “car free living” would really be like try it: in the rain, when carrying several bags of groceries, carrying a baby or with a toddler alongside, on crutches, after midnight, and/or without using a car or cab to get to the train or bus station.

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