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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Think Tank Says Obama Health Plan Sends Even More Power to Washington

So much for "new" Democrats. The "old" line Democrats are back and the agenda hasn't changed much. One big example is Barack Obama's health care plan, which the Heritage Foundation reports would send more money and control back to Washington, DC instead of empowering consumers.

In short, Heritage's two top notch health care experts Robert Moffitt and Nina Owcharenko say:

Very little in the Obama health plan is new or orig­inal. A number of its policy initiatives are recycled from the ill-fated Clinton health plan of 1994 and the Kerry health plan of 2004 and bear a stark resem­blance to a more detailed proposal by the Common­wealth Fund, a prominent liberal think tank. In general, the Obama plan would give the federal gov­ernment even more control of health care dollars and decisions—a radical departure from the decentralized decision-making system that characterizes employer-based insurance and state-based insurance regulation.

Read the Heritage Foundation Backgrounder: The Obama Health Care Plan: More Power to Washington

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