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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Obama = Bill Clinton's Third Term

So Bill Richardson is heading back into the cabinet. Looking at the people Barack Obama is choosing to make policy in Washington, you would think it was Hillary Clinton who had won the Democrat nomination, not Mr. "Change."

Richardson symbolizes why Barack Obama's talk about "change" in Washington was just so much political hot air. Hillary Clinton is going to run foreign policy. This was the person who wanted to shove everyone in America into a big government-run HMO with Post Office-levels of customer service. Eric Holder is going to run the Justice Department - same guy who was at the center of the highly controversial pardons issued by Bill Clinton in the waning days of his Administration.

And now Bill Richardson, a twenty year Washington Insider (plus a stint as the liberal Governor of New Mexico) is going to run the Commerce Department. This is the same guy whose private sector “experience” included time on the board of Peregine Systems just when that company's executives were defrauding investors and padding the wallets of executives.

Never mind Richardson's tenuran as Clinton's Energy Secretary when his Department couldn't find computer hard drives with highly sensitive national security information for months. This is the kind of leadership America needs running the Commerce Department?

The only “change” we’re seeing in Washington is the transition – from President Bush’s second term to Bill Clinton’s third.

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