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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sharon Runner: Tough, Fair, Common Sense Leader

Governor Schwarzenegger deserves enormous credit for his wisdom in appointing former Assemblymember Sharon Runner to the Agricultural Labor Relations Board. Complaints from the far left are unwarranted and reflect a kneejerk mentality by some union officials.

I've known Sharon Runner for years. She is incredibly bright, compassionate and brimming with common sense. She has a way of cutting through the clutter of complex issues and getting to the heart of the matter, and doing so in a way that often disarms her opponents. This probably explains why those who seek to use boards like the ALRB to drive an ideological agenda won't find much comfort in Sharon Runner's appointment.

We're pleased the Governor appointed her, and look forward to her confirmation. Hopefully, the Senate will put partisan and ideological concerns aside in confirming this first class leader to this important post.

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