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Friday, August 21, 2009

The GOP "Conspiracy" on Health Care

You know the wheels have come off the Democrat campaign to put the experts who run the post office in charge of your personal health when the President of the United States takes the time to complain that his plan is off the tracks because of a nefarious GOP "conspiracy."

All of a sudden the Republican Party's efforts to provide a better alternative to health care reform gets cast as a "conspiracy." This is political spin from a party which has lost control of a signature issue, both internally and externally. When Democrats work together to plan a legislative initiative it's a campaign, when Republicans do it it's a "conspiracy." Got it.

Whether it's the same "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" Hillary Clinton blamed for the crushing defeat of her own health care takeover plan, we're not sure.

The reality is that the President and his the leaders of his party in Congress are to blame for the public's sour reaction to their plans to have a lot more of the decisions about people's health made in Washington D.C. instead of at the doctor's office. Americans know it's possible to improve the system without vastly expanding the government's role in health.

The Democrats control both houses of Congress, they have a filibuser-proof majority in the Senate, they control the White House -- and yet it's the Republicans who are to blame for the fact they can't get their own team together to vote for their poorly written bill.

No one credible believes this nonsense.

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