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Friday, April 20, 2007

The War is Lost? No, it's Harry Reid who's lost

This week's winner of the self-fulfilling prophecy award is Senate Dem Leader Harry Reid for proclaiming the war in Iraq "is lost."

Whether or not Reid knows, or cares, how destructive his comments are to the troops on the ground and to our allies within Iraq is not known. As someone who's met with our troops and allies in Baghdad (last November), here's my take.

1. The Iraqis who are working to support the new democratically elected government are all taking an enormous risk by doing so. They are routinely targeted by the enemy specifically because of their dedication to make the new government there work. The Iraqi parliament building is located just inside the green zone (a/k/a "International Zone" or IZ), and checkpoints for those working in the parliament are routinely targeted for the enemy, which hopes to make an example out of those working in the government by killing them.

2. Reid's proclaiming the war is lost directly undermines the Iraqis who are working with us. It sends the signal to the enemy that what they're doing is working, and they should keep it up. It also sends the signal to our allies that they may as well not work with the government, because we're not committed to seeing this through to victory.

3. The signal Reid's comments sends to the troops is equally troubling. It undermines morale, it erodes the confidence and sense of purpose that is vital to success while at the same time emboldening the enemy, including those countries (such as Iran) who continue to provide support to the insurgents.

On the road called Iraq, there are two gates ahead: one called Victory, and the other called Defeat. Rolling through the Defeat gate is easy -- we can do that any time. Victory is more challenging to achieve, but our future security -- and that of millions of people in the region -- demands we see this challenge through to Victory.

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