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Friday, May 25, 2007

Dem John Edwards Trivializes Terrorist Threats

John Edwards announced this week that there really isn't a "Global War on Terror," and that the term is simply a slogan that was invented by President Bush (for some nefarious reason, no doubt). Perhaps this was just an attempt by Edwards to get known for something other than his $400 haircuts, or charging $55,000 for giving a speech at UC Davis about...poverty.

In any case, for a "leading" Democrat presidential candidate to make such a statement shows how lacking the Democrats are in the leadership department.

Let's take a look at this week's headlines:

1. Al Qaeda showed its face in Lebanon. The strife currently plaguing that country is due to a group called Fatah al Islam -- a group tied to al Qaeda -- infiltrating Palestinian refugee camps in that country and confronting the Lebanese army with weapons smuggled in from outside. US military supplies and support for the Lebanese military in this fight just arrived in Lebanon a few hours ago.

2. Yemen accused Iran of supporting Shiite rebels in the northern part of that country who want to turn Yemen back into a hardline Islamic state and away from support of the United States in the war on terror.

3. One of the men accused of plotting to kill American soliders at Fort Dix tried to infiltrate US police departments, according to a report in the Trentonian. "Based on what we know now, I don't think his intentions were good," a police spokesman said.

Edwards' irresponsible comments have met with an avalanche of criticism. Kayton Dawson, my counterpart in South Carolina, put it best when he said Edwards "endangers the lives of Americans at home and abroad by trivializing terrorist threats."

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