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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Governor Schwarzenegger Lends Star Power to Britain's Conservatives

Governor Schwarzenegger this weekend addressed the 124th Conservative Party conference in Britain via satellite, lending his support and advice to the party once led by Margaret Thatcher, and today led by David Cameron.

One wire service report put it this way:

Calling Cameron a dynamic leader, Schwarzenegger said: "Our job is to recognise the issues that matter to the people the most and to solve them.

"Issues like health care, balanced budgets, economic development, education reform, public safety, infrastructure and of course global warming and protecting the environment.

Governor Schwarzenegger continues to demonstrate a strong commitment to lead on issues that matter to people, regardless of whether those issues are traditionally identified with the Republican Party or that other party.

In 2001, President Bush led a similar effort specifically in the area of education, pushing for a major rewrite of federal education law (later known as No Child Left Behind), and his leadership led to a majority of Americans identifying the Republican Party as better capable of improving education than the other party.

As a broad based party, Republicans are offering an array of solutions to today's public policy challenges. The Governor and our Republican legislators are continuing to offer solutions to the pressing issues of health care, education, infrastructure (water storage) and political reform.

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