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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Jerry McNerney: Running on Empty

Last year, Democrat Jerry McNerney campaigned on the promise to change Washington for the better and provide real solutions for the American people. However, one year later, all Jerry McNerney and the Democrats in Congress have to show for it is a number broken promises and a laundry list of failed accomplishments.

"Democrat Jerry McNerney is on track to become a 'one-term wonder' in Congress," said CRP Chairman Ron Nehring. "With a year under his belt, Jerry McNerney has failed to deliver just about anything. Instead, he's lined up with the most extreme forces within his own party in clear opposition to the voters of his moderate district."

"Strong incumbents tend to draw weak challengers, while weak incumbents draw strong challengers. This could not be more true in the case of McNerney, whose weak performance has led to his drawing an opponent who is among the very best in California: Republican Dean Andal," added Nehring.

From the NRCC:

By proving to be more interested in scoring political points, Jerry McNerney and the Democrats have squandered any opportunity to get something done for the American people

By failing to keep a single promise that the Democrats made to the American people on the campaign trail, Jerry McNerney and the Democrats have forfeited the mantle of change

And by taking less than a year to become the problem in Washington instead of the solution to the problem, Jerry McNerney is saddled with the baggage of a highly unpopular Democrat-led Congress.


Democrats failed to get their basic work done on time by not sending a single appropriations bill to the president

Democrats failed to provide healthcare to those who need it most by preferring to craft political attack ads over crafting a compromise solution to the problem

Democrats failed to run the "most ethical Congress in history" by appointing not just one but two Members of Congress under federal investigation to powerful House committees

Democrats failed to abide by their own House rules, maneuvering around them to protect a $23 million earmark for the ethically-challenged Congressman Jack Murtha, described by news outlets as a "boondoggle"

Democrats failed to produce substantial earmark reform: According to Taxpayers for Common Sense, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer are among the top five porkers in this year’s federal spending bills; Democrats failed to put an end to partisan arm-twisting by inserting pork-barrel spending on peanut storage and tropical fish into a troop withdrawal bill in order to buy the votes of their Members

Democrats failed to reprimand California Democrat Pete Stark for his outrageous and delusional comments towards our American troops and our Commander-in-Chief

Democrats failed to tackle the problem of illegal immigration and have instead gone as far as breaking House rules to deliver taxpayer-funded benefits to illegal immigrants

Democrats failed to practice fiscal responsibility by passing the largest tax increase in American history and introducing the Mother of All Tax Hikes that will raise taxes by a whopping $1 trillion

Democrats failed to close the terrorist loophole in their proposed FISA bill, forcing the bill to be pulled from the House floor, indefinitely delaying this crucial legislation.


Democrats broke their promise of a five day work week and rewarded their caucus’ lack of work with an even lighter schedule

Democrats broke their promise to put people first, not special interests.

The powerful Jack Murtha continues to pocket campaign contributions in exchange for earmark requests

Democrats broke their promise to drain the swamp by erecting their own “K Street Project” to shake down Democrat lobbyists and special interests

Democrats broke their promise to hold their members accountable for their actions by voting against a resolution reprimanding Congressman John Murtha for threatening another Member on the floor of the House

Democrats broke their promise to be the most ethical Congress in history

Democrats broke their promise to pass a comprehensive lobbying reform bill

Democrats broke their promise to run the most open government in history.

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