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Friday, October 19, 2007

Embarassment: California's Democrat Pete Stark

California Democrat Congressman Pete Stark brought shame to his state, the House, and his country with his outrageous comments on the House floor this week claiming that our men and women in uniform are killing civilians in Iraq and doing so for the "amusement" of President Bush. Video

We can respect someone's principled opposition to the war on terror, but Stark's comments are so outrageous that even his Democrat colleague, Speaker Pelosi, rubuked Stark (albeit late in the afternoon on a Friday, going into the weekend).

Stark's comment show just how far off the deep end he and many in his party have gone. Stark isn't spending his nights in a tent, or sacrificing time in a far away land doing the hard work of freedom. For this man to claim that our men and women in uniform are somehow engaged in the targeting of civilians, it ranks among the most shameful comments I've ever seen delivered in Congress.

The men and women of the US armed forces deserve *total* support from our elected officials. Stark should be repudiaded by the House. Every member of the House should have the opportunity to vote up or down on whether they stand with Stark and his comments, or with our uniformed men and women.

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