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Friday, January 4, 2008

Iowa: Sen. Clinton Places Third, Thoughts on Republican Race

It appears that Iowa Democrats have some of the same misgivings about Senator Clinton that we do, with trust being a central issue.

It's tough to trust a candidate, in this case Sen. Clinton, who on the one hand says she's all for fiscal responsibility, then proposes $800 billion in more federal spending and no way to pay for it. She's also simultanously claimed to want to give our troops in the field the support they need, while voting in the Senate to...deny them the support they need. The list goes on.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, has his own list of issues, particularly his lack of experience and some interesting votes taken (or not taken) in the Illinois legislature. More on that later...

On the Republican side, a dynamic race for the nomination is under way. California's role has been elevated by the fact that an inevitable nominee may not be established by the time we vote (along with voters in 21 other states) on February 5. Well organized campaigns will aggressively make the round of county Republican committee meetings that take place this month, turning meetings with Republican activists into potential earned media opportunities as well. This is especially important in light of our new system for awarding national convention delegates by congressional district.

Upcoming contests: Wyoming (Jan 5), New Hampshire (Jan 8), Michigan (Jan 15), South Carolina (Jan 19), Nevada (Jan 19), Florida (Jan 29).

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