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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Senator McCain Begins California Swing

San Diego proved to be the perfect venue for the start of Senator McCain's swing through California this week as an enthusiastic crowd of supporters greeted the Senator at a packed event in La Jolla.

The entire Republican Party in San Diego is coming together behind Senator McCain, as demonstrated by the sheer number and diversity of Republican elected officials and supporters who came out for the Senator, including many who had supported a variety of candidates in the primary. Without a doubt this party is uniting squarely begind Senator McCain.

And it should be. On the stump the Senator is demostrating his straight-talking style, forthright responses to questions, and solutions for the issues facing Americans today. He's stressed his support for cutting taxes, making the President's tax cuts permanent, and winning in Iraq. At the same time, Senator McCain's ability to reach beyond the ranks of our party is clear.

In fact, a Wall Street Journal column today by Gerald Seib points out that Senator McCain's candidacy could prove to be a tremendous boost for Republican Congressional candidates -- a ticket led by a candidate with a proven ability to reach out to independents and independent-minded Democrats greatly benefits our downticket candidates.

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