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Friday, May 2, 2008

Dems Admit It: Denham Recall is About Raising Taxes

As voters recognize the recall effort against Jeff Denham for what it is -- a Sacramento-manufactured scheme with zero genuine support in the district -- the Mercury News today reports that Senator Don Perata admits the real reason for the recall: raising taxes.

As Californians continue suffering under high gas prices, food prices, and taxes that are among the highest in the nation, the Democrats campaigning against Senator Denham have one goal in mind: passing a budget that raises taxes on Californians even higher. Here's the latest proof:

Senate leader defends recall effort against GOP lawmaker
Associated Press Writer

SACRAMENTO—State Senate leader Don Perata on Thursday said the recall drive he is backing against a Central Valley Republican will help Democrats pass a budget with tax increases if it succeeds. If Sen. Jeff Denham of Merced is replaced by the lone Democrat on the recall ballot, it would leave Democrats just one vote short of the two-thirds majority they need to pass the budget in the Senate.

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