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Friday, April 18, 2008

College Republicans, Key to our Future, Convene This Weekend

Twenty years ago this September, I joined my campus College Republicans as a college freshman. Tonight, I'll address the California College Republican state convention. The CR's are key to our present, and future, success.

Supporting the growth of our College Republicans is an important priority for the California Republican Party. CR's contribute greatly to the success of today's Republican candidates by carrying the Republican message both on campus and off. They also form the future of our party: many of those who will lead our party in the coming years and decades, as elected officials and party leaders, are members of today's California College Republicans.

I encourage Republican elected officials and candidates to make an active effort to engage local College Republicans in their campaigns directly, or in their offices through internships and other opportunities. Doing so improves our opportunities for victory today, and for the future.

You can learn more about the California College Republicans through their very high quality website here. Congratulations to CCR Chairman Ryan Clumpner, Co-Chairman Jerad Ferguson, Administrative Vice Chair Kelly Hayes, Secretary Leigh Wolf, Treasurer Ryan Burris, Executive Director Caroline Beason, the entire CCR leadership team, and all our campus leaders, for continuing to promote Republican ideas and candidates in the target-rich environment of California's college campuses.

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