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Thursday, April 10, 2008

San Diego Dem Candidate: We're Undertaxed

Sometimes really can't make this stuff up when it comes to Democrats thinking we're undertaxed here in California.

Down in San Diego, liberal Democrat Marti Emerald, a former television news reporter, is running for a seat on the San Diego City Council in a closely divided district. Her opponent is Republican April Boling, a strong candidate and a CPA.

Emerald just went on the Roger Hedgecock show and claimed she opposes tax increases or levying a new "fee" for trash pickup. So far so good. Well, Roger, true to form, pulls out a tape of Emerald speaking to the local College Democrats where she said the following:

San Diego is one of the most undertaxed major cities in the country. I think we are about number 157 or something like that on this big scale of ... we are the only major city in California where property owners, single family homeowners don't pay for trash pickup. That is $50 million dollars that the city has to find every year to cover the cost of just picking up trash."

She followed that statement up with: "I am with you I think we should be paying for trash pickup. Especially now, but as a politician I recognize that it is political suicide to go out and say elect me and I will raise your taxes."

Now, for any candidate in California (one of the most HEAVILY taxed states in the nation) to go around trying to convince voters they are not paying enough in taxes, shows a serious disconnect from reality, probably induced by spending far too much time listening to people from one special interest group after another that feeds at the public trough.

Emerald runs around talking about how we are one of the most "undertaxed" cities in the country as though that is something to be ashamed of, and we should perhaps strive to be "better" by raising the burden on taxpayers even more.

Newsflash: hundreds of thousands of Californians have packed up, left the Golden State behind, and taken up residence in the deserts of Arizona and Nevada not because we're "undertaxed," but because the same people who back Democrats like Emerald have driven the cost of government so high, their jobs have left and now they have too.

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