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Monday, March 31, 2008

Reaganites Turn Out for Senator McCain

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to sit down at length with a true icon of the Republican Party: former Secretary of State George Schultz. As Ronald Reagan's chief foreign policy strategist for most of his two terms, Secretary Schultz played a critical role in implementing Reagan's strategy for the downfall of the Soviet Empire.

Secretary Schultz, who is the author of a forthcoming book outlining solutions in the healthcare and Social Security sectors, was on the campaign trail with and for Senator McCain in Pebble Beach and San Francisco.

Another Reaganite campaigning with Senator McCain in California this week was former Senator Phil Gramm. Elected to the House in the 80's, Gramm was a *true* conservative Democrat (not one of these phonies we see in the House nowadays) who supported Ronald Reagan's agenda of cutting taxes, limiting regulation, and controlling spending. Elected as a Democrat, he switched parties, resigned from Congress, and won his seat back as a Republican before later moving on to the Senate to carry on the Reagan Revolution there.

On taxes, Senator McCain is determined to make the President's tax cuts permanent, abolish the awful Alternative Minimum Tax (another brilliant Democrat invention), and slash the top corporate tax rate to make our economy more competitive.

On the Democrat side, CNBC reported today that Barack Obama may want to double the job-killing capital gains tax. Now there's a real shocker.

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