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Saturday, May 31, 2008

In San Diego, Democrats Heading to the Wilderness

In 2005, San Diego Democrats were bullish that following the resignation of Republican Mayor Dick Murphy, their party would finally take the Mayor's office. After all, a plurality of the city's voters are Democrats.

They lost.

This time, San Diego Democrats can't seem to scare up a candidate who can be even remotely credible citywide. Despite the Democrat advantage in voter registration in this, one of America's largest cities, they have no shot at taking the mayor's office this year. Republicans will hold the mayor's office at least through 2012. The election is Tuesday.

Looking downballot, Democrats also have no chance at picking up any seats on the San Diego City Council, which under their control single handedly plunged the city into financial darkness in 2004.

City council district 1 is nearly certain to switch from Democrat to Republican control. Whether Republicans make a net gain on the council will depend on the success of Republican April Boling in District 7. Boling is being challenged for this open seat by liberal Democrat Marti Emerald, who has been her own worst enemy. Emerald was caught on tape telling a group she beleives San Diegans don't pay enough in taxes. She also thinks a new trash tax (oh, "fee") is a good idea.

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