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Friday, June 20, 2008

McNerney Votes Against Funding Troops

Proving once again he has no interest in being a "moderate" Democrat, Jerry McNerney has again voted in opposition to supporting our troops in harm's way. He's making a habit of this.

Here's the update just in from the NRCC:

Washington– Rep. Jerry McNerney (CA-11) voted last night against fully funding our troops who continue to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan (House Roll Call 431).

"Jerry McNerney has failed to support our men and women who are serving on the front lines providing for our national security," said NRCC spokesman Ken Spain. "There is no excuse for Jerry McNerney’s unconscionable vote against this critical funding for our troops. His complete disregard for safety of our troops is disgraceful."

By voting against this troop funding bill, Jerry McNerney also opposed funding for:

Military, Reserve and National Guard personnel
Weapons and Ammunition
Combat vehicles, including armored vehicles for force protection purposes
Defense Health Program, specifically for psychological health and traumatic brain injury
Counterterrorist operations

Jerry McNerney’s incomprehensible decision to vote against our troops speaks to the core of his priorities in Congress to deflect his duties to provide for our national security at every turn. McNerney’s constituents in California deserve an explanation for his blatant disregard to fund American men and women in uniform.

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