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Monday, June 16, 2008

Media wonders, Where are the Democrats?

The press in has started to openly wonder about the Democrat Party in San Diego, following the drubbing their party took in the June 3 election.

This article in Monday's Voice of San Diego paints a dim picture of the Democrats in this large coastal county, defeated in their own districts by Republicans with strong party support. Link: Where are the Democrats?

Many of the externals run in the Democrats' favor in this region: coastal areas tend to lean left; their party has a signfiicant advantage in voter registration in the city; etc. Yet, Republicans continue to pick up and hold seats, even in plurality Democrat areas. For example:

Despite a registration advantage in the City of over 30,000, 88.9% of city voters cast ballots for Republican candidates for Mayor on June 3rd. Republican Mayor Jerry Sanders won outright. In a city where their party holds a majority of those who idenitify with a party, Democrats could only muster a third-tier candidate.

In the same election, Republican City Attorney candidate Jan Goldsmith (a former Republican Assemblyman), placed first, winning more than 7,000 votes more than incumbent Democrat Mike Aguirre. The two will face off in November. When you're an incumbent, and 71% of voters cast ballots against you, you're in trouble.

And the list goes on.

This article details just how bad it has gotten for the Democrats, and why Republicans contiue to perform well, even in Democrat districts.

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