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Friday, June 6, 2008

Meet Tony Rezko

Barack Obama's longtime friend, supporter and fundraiser Tony Rezko was convicted of multiple felonies this week following a lengthy trial. Obama's close affiliation with Rezko is another sign of why he lacks the judgment to be President of the United States.

To provide you with all the background on Tony Rezko and his close ties to Barack Obama, the Republican National Committee launched

Meanwhile, Republican National Committee Chairman Mike Duncan issued this statement following the Rezko conviction:

"On the day Barack Obama hoped to unite his party after wheezing over the finish line and claiming the Democrat nomination, a jury in his hometown of Chicago convicted his longtime friend and fundraiser Tony Rezko of multiple felonies. This is further proof that Obama’s high-flying rhetoric is just that and in no way represents the kind of change our nation demands. Today’s verdict and Obama’s friendship with Rezko raise serious questions about whether he has the judgment to serve as president."

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