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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Denham Recall Crushed: Reps Kick off General Election Season with Big Win

SACRAMENTO - California Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring today issued the following statement concerning Jeff Denham's victory over the attempt at recalling him from office:

"On the same day the national general election campaign began, voters in the Central Valley and Central Coast - a key swing region of our state -- sent a strong message in decisively rejecting the Democrats' misguided campaign to recall Republican Senator Jeff Denham.

"In a Democrat district, in a Democrat state, in what has been dubbed a Democrat year, - Republicans won an overwhelming victory tonight with Jeff Denham.

"Sacramento Democrats picked this fight - and they lost. They forced a recall election on Senator Denham because he had the courage to fight for a balanced budget and against tax increases. While these are ideas that may be foreign to Democrats in the capitol, they're common sense just about everywhere else.

"Republicans warned about ballooning budget deficits and the need to inject some common sense in the state's budget; Senator Denham stood on the side of responsible government and won.

"But this wasn't just a win for Senator Denham and the California Republican Party. It was a win for fiscal sanity, for responsible budgeting, and for a transparent and accountable government.

"Senator Denham's victory was a win for Republican ideas and common-sense solutions in California. In a district with a 49% Latino constituency and a 13 point Democrat registration advantage,, a Republican message that embraces protecting and improving public education, that requires accountability in government, and that rejects status-quo, ‘politics as usual' in Sacramento was met with the support of the voters.

"In such a swing district and election, voters embraced an experienced, no-nonsense candidate who was willing to take on the tough issues facing their communities. These are the same qualities embodied by our congressional and legislative candidates and by our own Presidential candidate John McCain."

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