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Monday, June 2, 2008

Jon Voight's Powerful Message for John McCain

It's rare to see a Hollywood actor on the stump for a Republican, particularly one like John McCain who strongly supports victory in Iraq. Yet this afternoon, Jon Voight made a powerful case for Senator McCain's candidacy at a fundraising lunch in La Jolla.

In comments that were powerful because they were both emotional and thoughtful, Voight explained how he and many in his generation were on the wrong track in the 1960's with their opposition to the war in Vietnam. He went on to explain how he had experienced his own philosophical transformation -- one that has resulted in his commitment to help elect Senator McCain because, as he says, the country needs a man of character and commitment in the White House.
Congratulations to Jon Voight for his courage in taking such a public stance for our Republican nominee for President, and for beign such an articulate advocate for this great cause.

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