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Friday, June 13, 2008

Pope Benedict Welcomes President Bush

The close relationship between President Bush and Pope Benedict XVI was evident as the two met at the Vatican this week. White House Chief of Protocol Nancy Goodman Brinker noted the President "is a huge fan of the pope and has full respect for him" and that the President "fully supports the (Catholic) Church and fully supports everything this pope is trying to do on behalf of peace, education and hunger in cooperation with world political leaders."

The relationship is reminiscent of the close ties between President Reagan and Pope John Paul II during the 1980s. That relationship, and the extraordinary impact it had on the fall of the Soviet Union and promoting the cause of liberty, is documented thoroughly in John O'Sullivan's book, the President, the Pope and the Prime Minister.

President Bush is on his farewell tour of Europe, which includes visits with leaders in Slovenia, Germany, Britain, France and Italy.

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