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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Iran Proves Again We Need Sen. McCain

World events prove this week how important it is we have a President like John McCain who is ready to serve as Commander in Chief on day one. At the same time Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was in the Czech Republic signing an agreement for the building of an anti-missile facility in that country, Iran decides now would be a good time to test some ballistic missiles that can easily reach America's allies. This is the same Iran that continues to move ahead with a nuclear program that could have it producing warheads by the end of the next President's first term.

Barack Obama has already illistrated how out of his league he is on security policy. He's pledged to sit down with the leaders of rogue states and confer upon them the prestige and influence that comes with sitting down with the President of the United States (a pledge he has since "modified"), without preconditions. He is in the process of doing away with his irresponsible pledge to unilaterally withdraw our troops from Iraq regardless of conditions on the ground. And the list goes on.

Precisely how weak Barack Obama is on security policy can be found by paying careful attention to his words. For example, on Iraq he repeatedly pledges, "I will end this war." Notice he doesn't pledge to win it, only "end" it. As the surge in Iraq continues to bring us closer to final victory over Al Queda in that country, Obama is intent on snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Meanwhile, the Iranian regime is looking for weakness in American resolve. Moving ahead with defensive anti-missle systems to protect America and her allies is not only sound in a military sense, but also sends the right signal of strength to the Iranians. Senator McCain understands this, while his opponent does not.

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