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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Inland Empire Republicans Turn Out for Sen. McCain

The Riverside Convention Center was the center of the action as Inland Empire Republicans turned out in heavy numbers to support Sen. McCain at Tuesday's luncheon. At this third of four events to raise funds for the campaign, we were joined by a long list of Republican elected officials from throughout the region, plus donors and activists who made the event another success for the Arizona senator.

The event followed a program earlier in the day in Santa Barbara, where Sen. McCain was joined by Gov. Schwarzenegger in discussing solutions to the current energy crisis and bringing down energy prices. Recognizing the importance of increasing energy supplies, Sen. McCain has stressed the need for more nuclear plants, and giving states the right to determine whether to allow oil drilling off their shores.

Barack Obama and the Democrats, however, seem to only embrace solutions that have been tried -- and failed -- in the 60's and 70's by such energy experts as Jerry Brown and Jimmy Carter. Indeed, while the Democrats like to repeat the (tired) line that Sen. McCain would somehow be President Bush's third term, what's become abundantly clear is that Barack Obama would be Jimmy Carter's second.

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