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Friday, July 11, 2008

Republican Leadership Critical in Local Government

If your taxes are going to be raised, your property rights threatened, your public schools impacted, or your day to day quality of life affected, chances are those decisions are being made by local government. That's why it's especially important we elect Republicans to local government offices throughout California this year.

There's no such thing as a "non-partisan" election in California. That's a quaint idea invented about a century ago when local government decisions were seen by some as so mundane and mechanical that partisan distinctions were seen as irrelevant.

Yet today, local government has become so omnipresent and has such an impact on our day to day lives that distinctions between liberals and conservatives in local government can be as obvious as what we see in Sacramento.

Who should make the decisions concerning where our local schools put their resources, someone who shares our Republican philosophy, or some Democrat more interested in serving the needs of an institution than those that institution is supposed to serve? How about transportation? Law enforcement? Local property taxes?

There are literally thousands of local government offices throughout California, and to maximize our opportunities to put good, solid Republican ideas into action, we should see good, quality Republican candidates supported for each of these offices.

This isn’t a process that can be driven out of CRP headquarters - local county Republican committees are the best place for decisions to be made concerning these important local government offices. With candidate filing periods fast approaching, it’s an important mission for each county committee to undertake right now.

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