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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Governor Vetoes Bills Concerning Socialized Medicine, Illegal Immigration, Communist Indoctrination, and Other Democrat Ideas

Governor Schwarzenegger has exercised his veto power to kill lots of bad legislation that made it through the Democrat-controlled legislature this year. While there's often differences of opinion within and between parties over legislation, there's clear consensus that the following bills would have negatively impacted our state.

SB 1322 would have changed the law that maintains our responsibility to ensure that public resources are not used for purposes of overthrowing the U.S. or state government, or for communist activities. One would think there are higher priorities in the world than lifting the ban on communist indoctrination in public schools. Vetoed.

SB 60 would have given California drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. The Governor once again vetoed legislation that would have compromised our immigration system while rewarding those who've violated the law.

AB 1870 would have allowed the Mexican matricular consular cards to be used as ID at secondhand dealers and coin shops. These cards are notoriously easy to counterfeit.

SB 1301 would have extended benefits to illegal immigrants who want to receive financial aid to attend state universities and colleges on top of the receiving the taxpayer-subsidized in-state tuition rate. Once again the Governor vetoed this legislation which would financially reward those to have broken the law.

Once again the legislature passed a socialized healthcare bill that would have put the government in complete control of healthcare in California by having the state take over as the single provider of health insurance (SB 840). In turn, the state could then dictate terms to all health care providers. Socialism didn't work in the Soviet bloc, but somehow Democrat legislators think it would work just fine here. Vetoed.

SB 1115 and 1717 would have been a significant rollback of the 2004 workers’ compensation reforms that have saved California taxpayers tens of billions of dollars. How quickly the Democrats forget that when Gray Davis put ideas like this in place, he was recalled. Vetoed.

AB 2386 would have endangered secret ballots elections for farm laborers, making them subject to coercion by union officials. This mirrors a national effort to do away with the secret ballot in union elections subject to federal oversight. Vetoed.

SB 1499 would add more restrictions to the sale of metallic balloons because we cannot be trusted with them.

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