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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

RJC Calls Obama Dangerously Naive

In the largest ad campaign the group has ever undertaken, the Republican Jewish Coalition is drawing attention to Barack Obama's foreign policy ideas as "dangerously naive."

Here's their release and a link to their ad:

New RJC Ad Calls Barack Obama "Dangerously Naive"
Latest print ad highlights concerns about Obama's foreign policy thinking

Washington, D.C. (October 28, 2008) -- The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) has released the latest in its series of national advertisements. These ads constitute the largest-ever advertising campaign undertaken by the RJC. This ad features a round-up of the concerns the RJC has expressed about Barack Obama throughout the last few months.

The ad begins:

"Many Americans have questions about Senator Barack Obama and whether his views are good for the United States and Israel. And for good reason."

Sen. Obama has not shown the wisdom, experience or strength on issues important to Israel. Most concerning is Senator Barack Obama's naïve grasp of the threats against the United States and Israel.

From his opposition to legislation against labeling Iran's Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization(1) to his willingness to meet with Iranian President Ahmadinejad and other hostile nations without any preconditions,(2) Senator Barack Obama has raised real questions about his judgment and experience.

Obama surrounds himself with anti-Israel friends and advisors like General Tony McPeak, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Rashid Khalidi and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. These men have played instrumental roles in shaping Sen. Obama's world views.

At the annual AIPAC Policy Conference, Sen. Obama said Jerusalem should be the undivided capital of Israel.(3) The very next day, facing criticism from the Palestinian Authority and Arab nations, he flip-flopped. Sen. Obama said the future of Jerusalem would have to be negotiated by Israel and the Palestinians,(4) calling his support for an undivided Jerusalem a "poor phrasing" of words.(5)

(1) Obama press release, 9/26/07;; (2) CNN/YouTube debate, 7/23/07; (3), 6/5/08; (4) Washington Post, 6/6/08; (5) Jerusalem Post, 7/14/08

The ad concludes: "History has shown that a naïve and weak foreign policy has resulted in tragic outcomes for the Jewish people. Barack Obama: Dangerously Naïve."

RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks said, "We live in perilous times. Since 9/11, Americans have understood that we are in a war, and have come to recognize that Iran, Syria, and other rogue countries pose a serious threat to our security and to our closest allies, especially Israel. Sen. Obama's willingness to meet with the Iranian president, his opposition to labeling Iran's Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization, and his flip-flopping on Jerusalem raise serious questions about his positions and his experience."

Obama's anti-Israel friends and advisors likewise raise concerns about Sen. Obama's foreign policy thinking." said Brooks."We need a president who has the experience and the wisdom to discern enemies from friends, and the personal strength to lead our country through the difficult times ahead. The weak and naive foreign policy espoused by Sen. Obama is dangerous for the U.S. and dangerous for Israel."

Click here to see the ad


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