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Friday, December 5, 2008

Thank You, Dick Cheney

On Thursday night in Washington I had the opportunity to thank the Vice President for his leadership, as well as that of the President, in keeping America safe following 9/11.

It's well known that the Vice President, himself a former Secretary of Defense, took a particular interest in America's security following 9/11. We all remember that in the hours and days that followed, most Amerians were convinced that another attack was imminent.

Numerous major threats against America have been defeated since that Tuesday morning seven years ago, and without question the Bush-Cheney Administration's determination to protect the homeland and put America on offense against terrorist groups has saved countless American lives.

While the Vice President, and the President, have been the targets of loathing of hysterical proportions from many on the extreme left, there are many on the conservative side who would conclude that anyone who draws so much ire from that bunch must be doing something right.

Indeed, we can all be thankful that the Vice Presdient and the President have been so focused and determined to protect Americans and recognize the real nature of the threat that continues to exist from those who would do us harm.

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