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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Republican House Members All Oppose Phony Stimulus Bill

Congratulations to all 19 Republican Members of Congress from California for standing with every single Republican in the House of Representatives in voting against the massive partisan Democrat spending bill being marketed as 'economic stimulus.'

If signed into law in its current form, this bill will only stimulate growth in the size of government, stimulate more government waste, and stimulate growth in the already massive federal budget deficit, saddling future generations with debt repayments for a program that will not help our economy at this time of crisis.

The solid Republican stimulus plan offered tonight differs from the Democrat version insofar that the Republican plan would actually work, boosting the economy by cutting taxes and encouraging Americans to work, save and invest. And it would do so without further exploding the size of the bloated federal government.

If overspending was the key to economic prosperity, with a federal budget deficit already over a trillion dollars our economy would be humming right along instead of shedding jobs by the hundreds of thousands.

Democrats have squandered the opportunity to pass real economic stimulus legislation, instead choosing to blow over $800 billion on projects that have little to nothing to do with generating jobs and promoting economic growth, including money for climate change research at NASA, new cars for the federal government, and arts funding.

Republicans in Washington took a giant step forward today in reasserting ourselves as the party of fiscal responsibility standing up for the middle class taxpayer.

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