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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


With recent headlines like: “Obama’s Bear Market, Earmarks-Schmearmarks, Mortgage Plan Won’t Help Many California Homeowners, Obama’s Radicalism Is Killing The Dow, Obama’s Budget: Wanton Recklessness, White House Rethinks Tax Hikes, President Barack Obama Dislikes Britain, and Obama’s Blockbuster Gift For Brown To Reaffirm The ‘Special Relationship’: 25 DVDs,” you have to wonder why his Obama failing so miserably?

University of Wisconsin emeritus professor and presidential scholar Charles Jones, recently noted that “during a time of economic crisis, Obama also has no former company chief executive officer or cabinet member or nominee with significant private business experience.”

With substantial economic spending packages, new government programs, and an uncertain economic market, Obama’s cabinet seems filled with people who don’t have managerial experience, but instead have spent a majority of their time working for the government.

“Whatever else they are, however good they are, people with legislative experience...know very little about executive management,” Jones said. “So there is a need for some demonstration that the folks that are taking over all of these pieces that are in the stimulus package...are able and capable of dealing with it.” (Chuck Raasch, “Cabinet Short On Managerial Experience,” Gannett News Service, 3/8/09)

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