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Thursday, May 7, 2009

California “Deal Or No Deal” ... No Deal

“Ugly Betty,” “24,” And “Deal or No Deal” - Taping Elsewhere

Another California show is moving out of state. The syndicated show “Deal or No Deal” seems to have gotten a better deal from Connecticut, but not the 250 Californians with high paying jobs that will be laid off.

Add another 250 people to the 2 million unemployed workers in California.

The ABC show “Ugly Betty” transferred production from California to New York and with it went 150 high paying jobs. The Fox drama show “24” is also looking to beginning taping some scenes in New York.

It is apparent that California is becoming less competitive. While every business and industry is trying to save money, California’s higher taxes and increased regulation is driving away business from our already fragile business community.

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