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Saturday, November 7, 2009

CRP Praises CA Republicans on Health Care Vote

SACRAMENTO -- Citing the higher taxes and massive expansion of government control over individual health choices that will result from Nancy Pelosi's health care bill, California Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring tonight praised the members of the state's Republican delegation in the House of Representatives for voting unanimously in opposition.

"California's Republican Members of Congress tonight stood together on the side of the American people and against a giant, costly new health care bureaucracy that will transfer decisions about Americans' health out of the hands of patients and doctors and into thousands of bureaucrats' little cubicles in Washington DC," said California Republican Chairman Ron Nehring.

"Nancy Pelosi's legislative monstrosity will make health care more expensive for families, raise taxes, cut Medicare, and put bureaucrats in between doctors and patients. Other than that, it's a great bill," he added. "Republicans will continue to support fiscally responsible health care reforms that empower patients and doctors, not bureaucrats, trial lawyers and tax collectors."

California is represented by 19 Republican Members of Congress, each of whom voted against the Pelosi bill this evening.

"Tonight's vote demonstrates Democrats have no interest in learning the lessons of the 2009 elections that gave Republicans control of two governor's offices plus many state and local government posts. As the Democrats lurch further to the left, we'll seize the opportunity to teach those same lessons again in 2010," Nehring said.

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