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Saturday, November 21, 2009

CRP Statement on Barbara Boxer's Senate Health Care Vote Tonight

SACRAMENTO - California Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring issued the following statement this evening:

"Tonight Barbara Boxer put her liberal ideology first as she brought America one dangerous step closer to government-run health care.

"Her vote paves the way for Harry Reid's and Nancy's Pelosi's health care vision to become reality, together with the higher premiums, higher taxes, Medicare cuts, and taxpayer funded abortions that are all part of this plan.

"The 2009 elections demonstrated that Americans have become increasingly disillusioned with the Democrats' agenda of government bailouts and takeovers with their massive deficits, out of control spending, government owned auto-companies, an energy tax, and now government health care. At a time when California's unemployment rate has hit 12.5%, well above the national average, the job and wage losses the Pelosi-Boxer health care plan will impose come at a time when Californians can least afford it.

"Her vote for more government control in our lives and our health care is just the latest reason we're looking forward to sending a new United States Senator to Washington representing California next year.

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