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Monday, April 23, 2007

National Democrats Were Right About McNerney

It's no secret that national Democrat leaders supported now-Congressman Jerry McNerney's opponent in last year's Democrat primary: McNerney was the liberal, and his Democrat opponent Steve Filson was seen as a more moderate Navy veteran who better fit the district. (Read about it in the New Republic's summary of the race here.)

The Democrats' chances of taking/holding this seat would be better, they reasoned, with a moderate Democrat who could appeal to independents and some Republicans, rather than the liberal McNerney.

Well, it turns out the Democrat leaders in DC were right about McNerney.

Since his election, McNerney has shown that he has much more in common with liberal Nancy Pelosi than voters in his district, particuarly in San Joaquin County.

McNerney is so far to the left on issues ranging from taxes to illegal immigration, voting with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time, that the NRCC's new website tracking McNerney suffers no shortage of material.

How many swing voters in the 11th CD really think illegal aliens should be able to form unions, $400 billion in new taxes is a good idea, the death tax should be resurrected, and voting for a $124 billion spending bill "stuffed with pork" is what they sent McNerney to Washington to do?

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