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Monday, May 28, 2007

The Do Nothing Congress

When I worked in Washington I always found Bob Novak to be among the best connected columnists inside the Beltway. He combines excellent sources with good instincts and complete institutional knowledge in ways that make his column for the Chicago Sun-Times a must read.

Novak has this observation on the Democrat-controlled Congress and what it has -- or has not -- accomplished:

After five months of Democratic control, Congress has enacted no major legislation and finished no regular appropriations bill.

It has successfully renamed six federal buildings and one national park, extended the lives of two government commissions and reduced the membership of the Red Cross board of governors from 50 to 10.In addition, Congress kept the government going with temporary spending legislation, redesignated five Eastern European countries (Albania, Macedonia, Croatia, Georgia and Ukraine) for security aid, strengthened penalties against animal fighting and authorized construction of 541 feet of road in St. Louis County, Mo. An emergency bill financing the war in Iraq and Afghanistan was vetoed by President Bush before a bill acceptable to him was passed before the Memorial Day recess.

Congress faces a heavy agenda to fit into a schedule interrupted by several recesses before the end of the year.

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