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Monday, January 28, 2008

Observations on the Dem Primary: South Carolina, Ted Kennedy Endorses

It's going to get pretty uncomfortable in the Senate Cloakroom as another Democrat Senator endorses Barack Obama. Today, it's Sen. Ted Kennedy, whose stamp of approval provides just the latest evidence that Barack Obama has about as much appeal to centrist voters as...Ted Kennedy.

USA Today noted in their editorial today that "The record shows Obama to be a fairly doctrinaire liberal Democrat..." Meanwhile, National Journal notes that Obama was one of just 13 Democrats to score a "perfect" score in the Senate on economic issues. And being a liberal on economic issues means supporting higher taxes and more government poking around the economy. Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) gives Obama a 95% score.

Senator Clinton's trouncing in South Carolina suggests it's not just Republicans and independents who see her as difficult to trust, but many Democrats share the same concern, choosing instead Barack Obama, who clearly lacks the experience necessary to serve as Commander in Chief at this point in our nation's history.

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