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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Perata Pulls Plug on Denham Recall Effort

We are watchful and cautious about the announcement by the unpredictable Senator Perata that he's ending support for the recall campaign against Senator Denham.

Our ground troops continue to mobilize to defeat this ballot measure, and I believe our strength on the ground was a key factor in prompting Senator Perata to reverse course and abandon his campaign to recall Senator Denham.

Our thousands of Republican volunteers from in and around the 12th Senate district remain ready to conduct one of the most widespread and effective ‘get out the vote’ efforts in recent California GOP history.

I want to commend our county Republican chairmen, and Jeff's fellow Republican legislators, who continue to organize volunteers for deployment in the district.

Senate Republican Leader Dave Cogdill deserves special credit for his tenacious efforts to put an end to this ill-advised recall campaign and instead focus attention on solving the state’s budget crisis without raising taxes.

Senator Denham should be recognized for standing on principle against higher taxes and for a balanced budget. In doing so he has worked to put solid Republican ideas into action, while looking out for the California taxpayer and advancing responsible governance.

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