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Monday, July 21, 2008

Dem Polling Firm: McCain Energy Message Stronger than Obama's

Americans understand the need to increase energy supplies as part of a comprehensive strategy to reduce prices for gasoline, electricity, and other sources of energy.

Democrat Polling Firm Democracy Corps: "McCain's message adding domestic oil production to a policy of alternative energy investment and conservation is favored over Obama's message that blames oil companies, calls for investments in alternative energy, and rejects limited offshore drilling..." (John Harwood, "Rising Value Of A Vote In A Struggling Economy," The New York Times, 7/21/08)

Thanks to the RNC's Research Department for sending this along. In California, Democrats are especially resistant to any strategy that does not primarily consist of a lot of hot air aimed at energy producers who are working to do their jobs despite every effort of the government's tax and regulatory schemes in this state to stop them.

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