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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Energy: A Republican Issue

When it comes to energy policy, there's a clear difference between Republicans and Democrats, and the public is with us. Here's why.

Americans understand the laws of supply and demand a lot better than the liberals in Congress or Sacramento. Record demand for energy from India and China are contributing to a global energy price spike because supply has not kept pace.

While Democrats decry "dependence" on "foreign oil," their policy prescriptions actually encourage that dependence by restricting new sources of domestic energy from coming online. An array of laws and regulations create an almost impenetrable maze of obstacles that has resulted in no new refineries being constructed in 20 years, and it's easier to put a robot on Mars than open a new offshore oil field.

By contrast, Senator McCain supports dramatically increasing domestic energy supplies such as nuclear, alternative fuels, and new offshore drilling when states approve. Markets anticipate future events, and a commitment to expand energy supplies will have an immediate effect in cutting energy prices.

The public gets this, and is not buying the Obama/Pelosi strategy of demonizing the evil "big oil companies." Being the political creature that he is, Obama has detected the strength of Sen. McCain's message and has suddenly talked about oil drilling (something he until recently was calling a 'scheme.')

Energy will continue to be a key issue in this contest, and no one's going to believe Democrats are going to do a better job in opening up new energy supplies than our team. Further, when we do, we'll do it in an environmentally responsible manner. Yet, our team knows that people, too, are part of the environment.

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