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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Assemblyman Adams' Bill Restricting Hallucinogen Becomes Law

Congratulations to our friend Assemblyman Anthony Adams, whose leadership in fighting the sale of the dangerous hallucinogen salvia divinorum to minors resulted in his AB 259 being signed by Governor Schwarzenegger yesterday.

The Assemblyman and I discussed the bill a few months ago, and I was since pleased to see his legislation make it to the Governor's desk for signature.

Salvia divinorum is commonly sold in tobacco shops, and is dervied from a Mexican plant, producing out-of-body sensations and frightening hallucinations. Thanks to Assemblyman Adams' leadership, the sale of products containing salvia divinorum will be prohibited to minors beginning January 1 when the law goes into effect.

To visit Assemblyman Adams' website, click here.

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