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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hollywood Republicans Making Their Presence Known

As Chairman of the California Republican Party, it's my responsibility to look out for all California Republicans, including those in Hollywood who continue to feel discrimination in their profession as a result of their support of the Republican Party or otherwise hold conservative views. Increasingly, Republicans in the entertainment industry are making themselves known, and they’re drawing support for their courage.

The prevelance of liberal thinking in Hollywood is well known. It's not the same town as when Ronald Reagan was the leader of the Screen Actors Guild. Numerous actors I’ve spoken with have complained about how difficult it is to be a known Republican in the entertainment industry.

It's interesting that the left -which takes every opportunity to tout their "tolerance" and how they "celebrate diversity" - can have such little "tolerance" when "diversity" includes those who hold conservative ideas, or otherwise stray from liberal orthodoxy. Does being a Republican somehow limit one's acting talent, or the contribution someone can make to the entertainment industry? Charlton Heston, John Wayne, Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger demonstrated this is certainly not the case.

The "tolerance" doublespeak is as evident among liberals in the Capitol as it is in Hollywood. Note that Assemblymember Nicole Parra (D) was literally evicted from her office for having her own views on the budget and demonstrating some diversity in her party. So much for tolerance.

Henry Ford noted at one point that consumers could buy any color Ford they want, so long as it's black. Tolerance for some, it would seem, is limited to tolerance of only one school of thought.

Yet, times are changing. In the last few weeks we’ve seen an increasing number of Republican actors and actresses attending major campaign events and showing their support. In the process, they continue to risk discrimination in their profession. They are putting their commitment to principle ahead of their own self-interest, and they deserve great credit for doing so.

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