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Friday, October 31, 2008

Well Organized Republican Campaign in...San Francisco!

This week I visited with Harmeet Dhillon, our candidate for state Assembly in the heart of San Francisco, and I've been very impressed with how serious and well organized her campaign is.

Consider this:

Harmeet has raised over $113,000, an unprecedented amount in San Francisco. These funds have allowed the campaign to launch an aggressive multimedia campaign in the district, utilizing traditional as well as new campaign methods.

The campaign has 12 billboards located throughout the district and ads running in many of the city's most read newspapers.

The campaign sent over 70,000 mailers to voters in the district while volunteers have made over 1,000 live calls on Harmeet’s behalf.

The campaign has distributed window signs (in English and Chinese) to over 200 San Francisco businesses, and close to 500 individual supporters for home display.

Dhillon ’08 has also embraced the Digital Age. The campaign has online advertisements on two of San Francisco’s most popular news websites, and and has successfully reached out to the blogging community to cover the campaign. The campaign has been successfully using social network sites, such as Facebook and Evite, to reach to supporters, recruit volunteers and organize campaign events.

Great job by a candidate running hard in a challenging district!

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